The sailloft

Making a sail by hand at the sailloft

Is here in the workshop of “SAILS & SHADES” that we apply all our knowledge skills and experience as sailors and sail makers to create the desire sail form , either architectural or nautical

The process of design and fabrication is uniquely tailored to suit each individual. By hand on a traditional wooden raised floor.

At our sail loft, attention to detail is our number one priority. Whether it be in the appropriate selection of hardware and materials, the nautical sowing technics and proper reinforment construction, or the precise and accurate transferring from design plans to cut cloth.

New materials and nautical techniques, give us the opportunity of developing other projects, where innovation, creativity and art converge to obtain something functional, resistant, simple and beautiful.


Cubierta para foque de competición

Rigging repair

Tailor fit and engineered beyond any standard

Sacrificial cover for a jib with UV Dacron Sailcloth

We will give you full guaranty that any sail or sail shade new or repaired from our sail loft will last long and will take you so far out.


  • DACRON, poliéster, UV Dacron, Nylon
  • Sunbrella marina
  • Phifertex y Phifertex Plus
  • Cabos de la marca New England Dyneema
  • Herrajes de acero inoxidable 304 y 316 de Harken, Suncor, Ronstan
  • Hilos con protección solar y garantía de 10 años Gore-Tenara
  • Strataglass, Crystal Clear

Small sailboats and sails bank

We gratefully accept donations of used or damaged sailboats or sails in order to use in artistic or volunteer community projects. That boat or sail, down on the corner useless and occupying space, could be here renewed as a shade in a school or restored for their students and using for learning sailing. Not for commercial use.



PROJECT “LA IGUANA SAIL” The Iguana Jib is a “Genoa” design sail with an Iguana graphic intricately cut and inlaid with 3.8oz. colored Dacron sailcloth. Each panel was created separately and then joined as you would assemble any regular sail. This sail really catches your attention, and produces great power and speed in winds between 5 and 15 kts