Architectural Sail Shades

Use a construction system that combines the strength of  rigid elements with the adaptability of flexible and light elements, like the rigging of a ship holds its sails, to create a habitable environment.

They are flexible and resistant fabrics that, when applied to tension, develop simple and functional original forms in optimizing the use of space

The purpose is to create a new habitat in outdoor spaces, with shade, sun protection, freshness, privacy and comfort, as well as improve the existing one, both aesthetically and its conditions of habitability.

Each shade sail is unique and exclusive to the place it occupies, and is fully integrated into the environment, both in the design and in the materials used on it.

The curvature of its sides and the applied tension are essential for its durability and resistance, without forgetting the safety of feeling safe from prying eyes.

“Sails & Shades”, Sailloft works in unison with you to adapt to your needs, tastes or requirements, this way you can enjoy and dispose the usefulness of your open spaces. Tell us what you want to do or what commercial activity you are going to develop and we will advise you as appropriate for each case. Harmony and functionality are our premises.

Remember that under your solar sail, the temperature decreases between 10 to 15 degrees, the air circulates, you save energy, your privacy prevails and you are protected to 98% of the solar radiation.

Design, construction and installation meet the same criteria as that of boat sails: by hand, precision, nautical techniques, strategic reinforcements, detail in the finishes, sun-resistant threads with 10 years warranty, stainless steel anchors and fittings marine 316, tensioners with nautical pulleys.


Tailor Fit Rail Mounted Screens

Rigging repair

Carbon Catching Exhaust Sleeve

At Sails Shades Sail Loft

Double Sunbrella

Deck Shades, Window Shades


  • Shaded patios, gardens, terraces
  • Designs for pools, jacuzzis or spa
  • Shades for outdoor kitchens, dining rooms or outdoor barbecues
  • Special designs for commercial use such as restaurants, hotels or public spaces
  • Recreational areas, schools, hospitals

As the sail in a boat takes you far away, under the shade sail you will feel transported to another place, your new habitat.